How many people are doing the counting?

Just me, for the most part. I have a friend that's counted a few titles, but it's just me for the rest.

What rules do you use when counting?

Only a couple. The entire word "fuck" has to be said. Bleeped out or mouthed doesn't count. For TV shows, I do not take into consideration the "previously seen" scenes before a show starts. If there is a replay of an earlier scene or a reference to another epsidoe and a fuck is said, I count that as it's still part of the storyline. Same kind of guidelines for movies; if a clip from another movie is shown, I count that as well.

Can I make a count submission?

No, I don't take any outside submissions.

What the fuck is the "misc" number?

Well, many times someone says fuck and they don't have any kind of listing on IMDB for me to refer to. In the shows "Oz" and "The Wire" for instance, there were numerous times when someone is heard in the background saying fuck, but there's no one there to refer to. I still count them, I just chalk it up to a miscelaneous number.

Wouldn't a script be easier to use?

No. Improvisation is obviously not in it nor would it be close to the actual count.

Do you count foriegn language?

I cannot speak all languages. English is my primary language and I'm not master at that shit either. If a fuck is printed in the subtitles, then yes, I'll count it. Foreign movies fit this criteria. I'll count it if it's in the subtitles.

There's some titles missing, what can I do?

Make a post in the boards and I'll try to get to it. There are many titles out there that are worth counting that I am unaware of, so any input is appreciated.

I think you counted a title wrong, what can I do?

Again, make a post in the boards and I'll check it out.

Why don't you list porn movies?

This presents too much of an issue because a lot of the titles use the same scenes or are just a single scene. It just doesn't make it very easy to get an accurate count for a full title. Movies such as the Pirates pardoy may be considered, I'm certainly not above listing a porn title.

There's multiple versions of some movies, which do you use?

I prefer the 'unrated' ones since they use more scenes. If it's outside of the R-rating, I'll list the version I use.

Is music counted?

This one depends on how it's used. Background music is not counted. If it's a musical, I do consider the lyrics of the songs. For example, songs sang in the South Park movie are counted, but the 'Gangsta' song in Office Space is not.

How about swearing outside of a movie or TV show, like YouTube?

I don't really consider those because it's not necessarily something I can make a link to on IMDB. If it's something good, I may get the video and post a link to on the actor's page. It would be best to make a post of it in the Celebrity Discussions board.

Don't you have too much time on your hands?

No more than any other human does. I'm watching these movies and shows anyway, might as well have some results from the time spent doing so.